Glutenized! :(

It looks so innocuous doesn’t it?

Little water filter sitting on the counter. It cleans your water. It purifies. Oh and apparently it harbors poison ninja gluten.

We went on a kayak adventure this weekend in Bellingham with the girlfriend and her parents, and it was awesome. More on that another day. However, we stayed with her cousins, who are also awesome and who also eat a lot of bread and regularly use flour. I recently learned that flour can stay in the air for I think it was 36 hours. Yeah. And then it settles on all the surfaces that you think are clean and don’t look like they have anything on them, like a water filter sitting out on the counter that probably hasn’t been washed in awhile.

Poison ninja gluten.

I had one glass of water when we got there, so proud of myself for keeping all my food separate and only eating what I brought, not thinking at all of the dangers of water sitting on the counter. About 15-20 minutes later I started to feel tired. Then foggy in the brain. Then achy in my joints. It says something about how good I’ve started to feel that I noticed this, what used to be my regular daily existence. I was horrified and thought frantically of what on earth could it have been – I only ate what I prepared with my own hands from scratch! Then it dawned on me. The water. Sitting in the kitchen. Where I saw bread crumbs everywhere and large canisters of flour.

Oh my god.

I really am a full blown celiac.

But this is why I started this project in the first place. To figure this out. And to feel better.

It is remarkable that I was feeling better enough to notice the sudden change. And after a long nap, the rest of the weekend I was doing silly goofy stuff, like waving to the bald eagles and saying hi to the seals. I only do that when I am feeling good, and unfortunately it has been a long time since I have done that.

I am so thankful I am figuring this out, and I am so thankful to the awesome cousins who then went out of their way for the rest of the weekend to make sure that every glass, plate, or fork was freshly washed, that I got water directly from the tap, and that I had enough safe food to eat.

That is love.

Take that hidden ninja gluten!