Today I Choose…Kayaking

I’ve posted lots about meals and cooking, but this blog is not just about food. Its about the choices we make, the elements we choose to make up our lives.

I have never been much of an outdoor person, preferring reading, movies, and other rather sedentary activities. These can be wonderful things, but I do believe that to truly feel alive and connected in the moment we have to move and use our bodies, and do things out of doors.

One of the very few out of doors activities I have enjoyed is kayaking. Back before freshman year of high school for the first and only time I went to summer camp. It was at Camp Orkila, on Orcas Island in the San Juan islands. In seven days we kayaked around the entire island.

I loved it.

This last weekend for my girlfriend’s parents’ birthdays we went up to Bellingham to go on a guided half day kayaking tour. We saw eagles, seals, and deer. We kayaked down the coast, and landed on a tiny island. We looked ridiculous in our “skirts” and life vests and generally had a wonderful time.

We are going to go kayaking again.