Operation Sleep More

I’ve read a million times about how it is not only important to get enough sleep, it is also important to sleep at the right times. Eight hours of sleep  that includes between 10pm and 2am is apparently much more restorative than eight hours from say, midnight to 8 am.

Sleep, another person said recently, is just like a nutrient – if you don’t get enough of it you will get sick and die.

I chronically do not get enough sleep. And even when I do, I tend to go to bed late, so its apparently not as useful.

The problem is, I hate sleep. I love the effects of sleep, but I hate going to sleep. I hate lying there, thinking, alone with my thoughts, in the dark. I hate the bad dreams I have had almost every night I can remember. I hate how I don’t feel rested in the morning most of the time, I’m just tired, and I feel like I just wasted eight hours of my life on something that I’ve been told I have to do, but is unpleasant and doesn’t seem to work very well anyway.

But for all three major issues I’ve been diagnosed with, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, and gluten sensitivity, sleep is supposed to be extremely important in order to recover from these debilitating conditions.


I will face the inner demons. I will master my own mind. My new mission is to get more (and high quality) sleep. I will get in bed before 10pm. I will find techniques to help me fall asleep faster like listening to audio books. I will strive for 10 hours of sleep a night (which means I’ll hopefully get 9, which seems to be the minimum of what my body likes best).

Let Operation Sleep More (and Better) commence!


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