As soon as twitter came out, I got an account. And then promptly never logged on again. I’m a techie girl, and I love the latest and greatest in the world of technology, but twitter made me feel like I had a serious ADD problem. All these tiny quick bits of info zooming by!

But recently, in my quest to connect with others of the gluten free world, I decided to log on again and see.

Oh my gawd, I am COMPLETELY sucked in!

There is a vast world I had absolutely no idea existed. I now see twitter as a massive party, swirling with so many voices, images and music, and I’m bopping along into this room and that, jumping into snatches of interesting conversations and circling back around to spend time with my favorite people. Its (mostly) easy to avoid the people I don’t care for, and (wonderfully) easy to find people I sincerely enjoy.

Before I followed one or two blogs and felt pretty isolated. Now I follow dozens and have tons of people who really understand what it is to be gluten free to support me at a moments notice!

It’s like Christmas! Only better.

Some of my favorite people in my new gluten free community:
fourchickens – super sweet, funny, in Seattle, which I love
InspiredRD – one of the first people to welcome me, so sweet, and always inspiring
glutenfrefoodie – sassy, smart, with a heart of gold
AlteredFoodLife – informative, kind, and welcoming

Today I tweeted that I was feeling the headache, itchiness, spaciness, and emotional upheaval that happens when I’ve accidentally ingested gluten. Within moments, I was getting much needed sympathy.

I’ve only been on twitter for less than a week, and already I have learned so much about being gluten free, about health and food and cooking, as well as gotten so much positive encouragement!

Its a brand new world.

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