Recipe: Al fresco lunch

Sweet red bell pepper

I suppose this isn’t a recipe per se, but it is a easy lovely lunch. It is a simple lunch that relies on the freshest of ingredients, allowing each to shine. Everything should be bought as ripe and in season as possible, preferably organic and grown nearby – the food will have more nutrients and will fill you up much better.

1 Red Bell Pepper
1 Avocado
1 Heirloom Tomato
Snap peas
Assortment of cheeses (not blue cheese, unless you know for sure they did not cultivate the mold on bread)

Crisp snap peas

I didn’t bother cutting things into bite sized pieces, just hacked off huge hunks that I ate with my hands. It was delicious!

I loved pairing different tastes together. Tomato and provolone cheese  was one of my favorites! Avocado and asiago was also particularly good.

Simple fresh ingredients

You can season with sea salt and fresh black pepper, or some really good olive oil. You could add basil or cucumber. Whatever ingredients call to you most.

Crackers, if you can find any that you KNOW are gluten free, but honestly it was just as good without them!