Living the busy life

I have barely posted since the holidays. Work has been MADNESS. Plus, I have had an amazing breakthrough with NAET – Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique. My naturopathic doctor also does acupuncture, and she does this technique that lowers the body’s response to allergens. I will never be able to eat a piece of wheat bread, but I can now have trace amounts of wheat and not be sick for days. So, I can now go out to restaurants! I don’t have to cook every meal from scratch any more!

However, I have found that I might not get super sick any more but that I feel much better when I eat whole foods cooked at home (surprise surprise). Last week was my birthday, plus I had a bunch of training out of the office, and so I ate out about 5 meals in four days. This is highly unusual for me! And I felt lethargic, achey, angry, and depressed.

So I am back on the home cooking bandwagon. My partner and I bought a Vitamix at the beginning of the year, and I eat a lot of fresh fruit and veggies because of it (plus it is super fast, and saves a LOT of time). We just bought 50 lbs of fresh organic blueberries from a small farm outside of town for a measly $2/ lb!!  My other “simple diet” staple is something that I ate a lot while I was on the allergy elimination diet. It is very simple: lean ground beef, steamed broccoli, and rice, all mixed together and seasoned with salt and pepper. Very simple. Very clean.

It is amazing to me how much easier it is now to eat gluten free every day, and to mostly cook at home. A year ago, when I started, it seemed impossible! It was a hard year, but then, any new skill is hard at first. Now, I easily whip up a batch of homemade healthy and tasty food without blinking, when once it was arduous.

Nice to know some things get easier!