Simple Gluten Free Pizza Toast

I love researching fancy new gluten free recipes and the latest Internet food blog trends, but lets face it, the vast majority of meals need to be fast and easy. I have a full time job, a family, and I try to have a bit of a social life. I don’t have time to make fancy gluten free meals, and I am too sensitive for most processed convenience foods (and they make me tired).

I need easy food but I still want tasty food. Enter the Gluten Free Pizza Toast!


Take some gluten free bread. Toast first if you want it firmer, don’t if you prefer soft. Top with simple tomato sauce. You can use store bought, homemade, or quickly whip up a batch of delicious Fresh Pizza Sauce (it literally takes two minutes).

Add mozzarella cheese, or other/fake cheese of your choice. Then add toppings, like olives, mushrooms, onions, gluten free pepperoni, etc. Even cashews or jalapenos! Then sprinkle a bit more cheese, and some parmesan cheese to give it that pizza parlor flavor!

If you are REALLY short on time, put a bowl over it all and microwave for a couple minutes. Otherwise, pop in the oven under the broiler and broil on low until done.

Easy. Fast. Gluten free.

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