The Never Ending Food Saga

I got a new blood test for food allergies. I’ve never put much store in allergy tests, because they are only like 60% accurate, but my new doc said that MRT test was much better. It’s over 90% accurate. My results were shocking to me. Turkey? Really? Cabbage I knew was really bad, because I had done the elimination diet to test lots of individual foods. I had to cut down to just a few foods AGAIN and test each individual food AGAIN. On day three of the elimination diet, I got the worst freakin migraine of my life, and I’ve had a lot of really bad migraines. It was curl up in bed in total darkness and silence and be in so much pain I couldn’t even cry. As bad as this was, it was a good sign that I was detoxing from something I was eating that I was reacting to – that was making me sicker without me knowing it. I can only eat a few things right now. I can’t remember them all because of the brain fog. But between that and the sleeping, thyroid and adrenal medication I am feeling better than I have in a long time. I reintroduced my first food yesterday. Bacon. Yes, bacon. Sounds crazy, but I bought super healthy nitrate-free bacon with only a few ingredients. I’d tested it on previous elimination diets and done fine with it. This week I’ve had a flare up from something, I don’t know what – either starting on the colloidal silver for killing the lyme or from possible toxins released when my crown fell off my tooth (a tooth that had been root canaled and is falling apart now). Dinner yesterday was canned pineapple and a pan of bacon. It was super yummy. One thing I’ve really learned in this battle with chronic illness is that I need to harbor my strength. Don’t put a lot of time into making food. The microwave and canned pineapple are my best friends. I’ve rigged out the car with a sleeping pad and privacy screens so that I can sleep during lunch break. Otherwise, I wouldn’t make it through the day. Hopefully the dentist calls back soon so that I can get this tooth and root canal removed. Apparently they can harbor lots of toxins! I hate oral surgery. But you do what you gotta do.