Can’t trust anybody

It’s annoying to me how on it I have to be even with this great new functional medicine doctor – I have intense lyme brain fog! How am I supposed to manage ask this!?!. They ordered a heavy metals test recently – they SHOULD have done it 5 months ago when I first got there. I THOUGHT they had, because I guess one of the blood tests had a little bit of that, but not much. On top of that, they had me start colloidal silver a couple weeks ago, a natural antibiotic to start killing off the Lyme. My beloved spouse, who is a scientist, asked why they would test me for heavy metals as a contributing factor to all my health problems when silver is a heavy metal and will skew the results. I asked my doctors office. They didn’t know if it would interfere, and asked someone else, who said yes it would and I needed to not take the silver for at least 24 hours before doing the test. All this took nearly a week, and meanwhile I can’t do the detox that should help me not feel like such utter crap because I have to do the heavy metals test first. I am so SICK of all this!!!! >.<