The things I do to find ways to get myself to rest. It is so hard for me to be satisfied keeping still. Lately I’ve been trying to find things that aren’t just keeping me preoccupied while I lay around, but that I truly enjoy in and of themselves. It is so important for me to really rest, to help my body recovery and heal itself. There is a reason hospitals used to have people stay there quiet and resting for a long time. There were entire hospitals devoted to “convalescing”. I love to surf the internet but I can only do that for so long. And I have a decided propensity for buying things when I spend too much time online! The birds help me. My beloved spouse set up the couches in the living room so that I have a view of the lake, of the bird feeders, and set up the flat screen tv so that it is really awkward and in the way, but perfect when I am lying on the couch and have a view of all three. I was conflicted about spending more money (Lyme is very expensive!) but I upped our Netflix account to have three Blu-ray discs out at a time. The last three weekends I’ve had a movie watching marathon. It’s been great fun, felt very decadent, and keeps my butt on the couch and resting instead of pushing myself too far.