How can you lose your mind when it’s attached to your head?

Totally how I feel

My Life with Lyme

I really feel like I am losing my mind. But not in a fun, omg where are my keys?! Kind of way, but in a scary, like I am a different person kind of way. Or more so, that I don’t understand things and since I am not myself I react to situations differently than if I were my healthy usual self.

Physically, I am getting stronger, and I am at the part of my recovery (hah if that’s what you can even call it) where I no longer “look sick”. Which is good and bad. A lot of other lyme people have spoken about this, that once you start to look not sickly, people think you’re better and they think everything is rainbows and butterflies. Well, I might not look sick (on days that I shower ha) but I am still sick.

My brother one day was like it…

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