What a difference a herx makes

Although it totally sucks, herxing means healing. Very important to make sure that you are getting treatment for detoxing too. I’m on activated charcoal and about to start herbs for liver and coffee enemas, to help with the herxing from starting colloidal silver to kill the Lyme.

brit talks about lyme

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Lyme bacteria are squiggly little bastards called spirochetes. When medicine starts working, causing spirochetes to die, they release toxins. These toxins can make the patient feel pretty terrible, which is called a Herxheimer Reaction, or herx for short. At my first appointment with my Lyme doc, she said, “Have you heard of herxing in your research? Okay, good. It’s real.”

During the first month of my treatment, I had moments where I thought, Hmm… Is this a herx? Maybe this is a herx?  Well, I’m here to tell you today, I NOW KNOW WHAT A HERX IS.

Exhibit A:herx

It was a tough weekend, folks. I could barely leave my bed. On Sunday morning, the headache was so horrendous, it was hard to form words, or get my body to move where it wanted to go. I thought about posting here to document my miserable state, but even opening…

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