The pain of detoxing #lyme #spoonie #chronicillness

My doc said the chelex pills I had to take for the heavy metals test was probably the cause of the terrible headache, intense fatigue, etc. I was so glad to be done with it (the heavy metals test) so that I could do some detox because the colloidal silver was causing some bad herxing and I had to ease up, which means not killing as much Lyme. Step one was trying a coffee enema. I know. The things you will do to try to feel better. I researched a lot. Read like 15 articles, and watched a bunch of YouTube videos. I prepped everything and it was going fine. Weird but fine. I got most of it in when I started getting cramping and nausea. I stopped it and tried breathing, then singing (I don’t know why, it just occurred to me), then watching Netflix. No go. After I voided, I felt much better. Energized even. But still nauseous. About thirty minutes later, I felt like I was going to pass out. Dizzy, bad headache, nauseous and crushing fatigue. Internet research (which means take with a grain of salt), said it was probably due to the release of a lot of toxins since I have been so sick for so long. Some sites said because of this to do another one in 4 -6 hours to flush out the toxins released by the liver. Others said not to do another one for a week because of this. <.<
Yeah. Well, at least 5 hours later I'm feeling better (after a bunch of water and some activated charcoal), but for the headache. It seems like either I'm losing days to being sick with Lyme or else I'm losing days to being sick from detoxing the things that make me sick. My doc warned me that the next six months, as I began killing the Lyme, would be bad. I'm just so sick of being sick. I know I need to get over that. I know this is a marathon, maybe a life long one, and not a sprint.
Next up is the liver support tea. I'm nervous about this since I tend to react to a lot of vegetables. Intellectually I get that it takes time to figure out what will work for me, especially since I am so crazy sensitive to so many things. I'm just tired. And in pain. And exhausted.
I've been on Twitter a lot lately and reading a lot of other Spoonies tweets. And blogs. It's so nice to not feel alone in this. Helps me feel sane and like I can get through this.