I’m actually feeling GOOD! #miracle #lyme #spoonie #chroniclife #blog

I feel better this morning than I have in a LONG time. The first two hours of today were really really great! Since then, I have a headache and brain fog, but it isn’t too bad, and I actually have some energy and feel positive. Its like a Christmas freakin miracle!!!! The last hour of yesterday before bed, and the first hour yesterday was also great, although in between was the usual extreme exhaustion etc. I’m not sure what is making the difference, but I have a few ideas. I have started a few things. I did the coffee enema three days ago – three days is the usual time I need to recover from a food trigger, so maybe it is the same with this? Toxins being dumped out of the liver, my body clearing them out? For the first time since doing the heavy metals test five days ago, my bowel movements do not have a strange chemically smell to them (which I think is the bile from the liver being dumped).

I have also been taking essiac tea the last couple days, which also supports the liver, but I didn’t take it last night until after I was feeling good, so I doubt it.

The other likely contenders are yoga and lymph massage. I read an article that said that yoga is one of the very few proven things that help with chronic fatigue. I was really scared to try it because I have NO energy, so why would I want to throw some away? But nothing else has worked, so I figured I should at least try it. I’ve been doing about 20 minutes a day and each time I finish, I have felt SO much better! Calmer, clearer headed (the brain fog lifts a bit), and more energized but in an understated way. Even if I feel like I am going to die when I start, by the end I feel much better. Its really great. (Gaiam TV is a great way to do yoga at home (if you sign up via this link, you will help me get a free month!). I strongly recommend Rodney Yee’s beginner series, and head ache and stress videos too.)

Lymph massage I tried last night for the first time. It was strange at first, but then it was very calming. I could FEEL the fluid moving around. Afterwards I felt clearer and calmer, and HAPPY. It was a freakin Christmas miracle!!! (Self lymph massage – good for the immune system and detoxing – youtube videos)

Be careful with all of these of course. Your health might not allow it. Check with your doc.

Even if this only lasts today, I am deeply grateful!!!!