My first infra-red sauna #lyme #detox #spoonie #chroniclife

Today I had my first infra-red sauna. It is supposed to be good for Lyme. It kills off the little buggers and helps with detox. But my doctor warned me to start off very slowly. Apparently it can set off an intense herxheimer reaction. He said only five minutes a few times a week and work slowly up from there. It was too much work to go to their office to do the sauna, especially for only five minutes. I get way too exhausted way to easily for that. My AMAZING beloved spouse agreed that we should buy one to support my getting better, and even insisted that we get a high quality one to make sure that it filled it’s medicinal function. It arrived a week ago, and was huge. Today my beloved spouse got help to wire up a dedicated circuit, and put it all together while I was at work. I came home to a HUGE beautiful wooden sauna all set up and ready to go in our house! Aren’t I spoiled? I originally was going to do a coffee enema tonight, but I just didn’t feel up for it. They help a lot but they wear me out dreadfully. When the sauna was almost up to temperature, I did the jumping jacks my doctor told me to do first to get my body temperature up. The sauna was so deliciously warm. Deep down in my bones kind of warm. Like soaking up the sun kind of warm. After five minutes, although it was so hard, I forced myself to get out. I’m so crazy freaking sensitive to everything, and I didn’t want to ruin the weekend before it even started by getting a huge herx. I didn’t really notice anything other than it felt good, but four hours later my neck is crackly and stiff, I have a headache, and my muscles and joints are starting to ache. Herx indeed. But it’s a good sign for my future treatment. Just have to remember to go slow. My doctor doesn’t think that strong herxing is a good idea, but that I should take it slow and steady. It makes sense to me. Herxing isn’t merely lyme dying off, but rather lyme dying off faster than the body can remove it (detox). My body is in rough shape, so it doesn’t detox very well. The coffee enemas are helping a lot, as is the essiac tea and similax. These detox methods help my mind be clearer, and help me feel happier and (relatively) more energetic. I was actually at a 7 out of ten for a couple hours last night. Miracle! šŸ˜€