Spoon thief stole my spoons when I wasn’t looking #spoonie #chroniclife

One of the most frustrating things about the chronic life is that with out any warning at all, I can be suddenly exhausted. And for no reason I can see. Today I was doing pretty good, relatively speaking, when I felt my energy just draining out of my body. Like an invisible vampire, draining the life out of me. Was it because I didn’t eat enough? Was it because I didn’t take a break soon enough? Was it because I did quite a bit of cleaning yesterday? I have no idea. I tried to take a nap but it didn’t work at all. I just lay there, getting more and more frustrated. Probably about an hour. But the exhaustion didn’t go anywhere. Then I started to feel almost drugged – light headed, dizzy, and having difficulty thinking. And crazy food cravings. I rarely get food cravings anymore, now that I am on a strict elimination diet. I am home now and crashed on the couch. It is hard to hold my head up. My wonderful spouse is making me stir fry, with garlic, bacon, chicken and broccoli. If a normal person felt like this they would probably go to the hospital. But for me it’s just another day dealing with lyme disease and this chronic life.