No More Menstrual Migraines?

This is going to sound really bizarre, and I really don’t understand it myself, but it seems like I’ve gotten rid of my terrible migraines during my period!

For more than a year I have had migraines so terrible during my period that I have seriously considered doing harm to myself. I have had times where I have had to talk myself down from getting a drill, wanting to put a hole in my head. That sounds extreme, but that is the level of pain that I was in. I could honestly understand why some indigenous cultures did trepanning, where they would drill a hole in their head to let the evil spirits out. I was in so much pain that I honestly would have done just about anything to make it stop.


Skull with signs of trepanning, from WikiCommons

I have always had a difficult period but I haven’t always had this level of pain. But the brain fog makes it difficult to remember when they started. I keep a bullet journal of symptoms to track my symptoms, medication,  what I’m eating, etc. However I didn’t start the bullet journal till after the terrible migraines had started.

In talking to my doctor about how to manage the extreme level of pain, he encouraged me to take a second look at my bullet journal to try to see if I could figure out what possibly could be causing them. I didn’t think that would work but I gave it a shot just in case. Going through my bullet journal I actually did not have a terrible migraine in the month of June and July. The only things that I could figure out that was different during those two months were these:

1. Eating potatoes and potato chips

2. Putting on weight

Okay, okay, I know this sounds ridiculous, but those were the only things I could think of that were different. And as I said I was willing to try ANYTHING.

My period was due in a few days but I decided to eat a bunch of potatoes and potato chips and not worry at all about calories. Up until then I had been eating really strict keto diet, because that is supposed to help with killing off Lyme disease.  I have late-stage chronic lyme disease that is extremely debilitating.

In just a few days of eating potatoes and potato chips and not worrying about calories, I still had a very painful migraine but it wasn’t the dear God I think I need to kill myself level of migraine. It was bearable. It was something I could live through it without wanting to hurt myself.

For the next month I continued to eat potato chips and potatoes and not worry about calories. I put on about 10 pounds. Everytime I started to worry about weight and disliking the way it felt on my body, I just remembered that I would do anything to get rid of those migraines.

MY NEXT PERIOD I DID NOT HAVE ANY MIGRAINE AT ALL. Just a bad headache, which to me is absolutely nothing at all. In addition my cramps were much much better.

I asked my doctor why this was happening and he said something about levels of hormones and that fat can help with transforming hormones or something like that. Honestly I don’t really remember the details. And right now I don’t really care. My next period is due in about a week and I desperately hope that this will be my second period in a row without a migraine.