Spoonie friendly Artist Date Ideas – #spoonieway 

There’s been a lot of discussion  in the group about the artist date. In thinking about the artist date, I realize that I was actually kind of fuzzy on what it really is. I went back to read that section in the book The Artist’s Way. 

Julia Cameron says that it is about magic, delight, fun, mystery. I would describe it as containing a sense of wonder, so that my body actually feels lighter, more joyous. Julia also says the artist date is “filling the well”. The act of creativity causes us to draw on the resources in our lives, and we have to fill up that space inside us to have something to draw on. She says that art is sensual, and composed of image and felt experience, even when we are writing. Does not pain she says that makes us better artists, but focused attention. And pain is one common way to get more focused on the things around us. I take it as bringing intentional Focus to the moment, bringing mindfulness, and feeling and experiencing the moment. This is the heart of the artist’s date. 

Words are brightly colored and in a variety of fonts. It says Artist Date is intention, magic, wonder, fun, delight, mystery. @IngredientsWeCh

To me this is very different from self care or pacing. If we don’t do careful self-care and pacing we will get sicker, in a serious and tangible way. If I don’t fill the well, I’m not as creative but it doesn’t damage my health. 

One person asked how they could do the artist date when they were exhausted and unable to get off the couch. Does Netflix count as an artist date? 

I think it depends on the intention we are bringing to the moment. If I am watching Netflix just to zone out, that is not an artist date, although it is important self-care and pacing. However, if I am watching Netflix and really checking into the experience, being aware of the sensuality of the images, sounds and imagining the smells, filling the internal well with these experiences, then I would say it absolutely is an artist date!

I would say the same thing about being on the internet. If I am just surfing the web mindlessly to self soothe then I don’t think that is an artist date. However if I am being deliberate about my experience then I think it can be. For instance if I decide my theme is Japan and I search for videos on YouTube for a day in the life of Japan, that can definitely be an artist date. Especially if I decide to add green tea, Japanese candy, incense or other tangible sensual experiences related to Japan.

Here is a list of spoonie friendly artist date ideas, that I will be updating throughout #spoonieway.

  • Play dress  up
  • Spa day with simple nontoxic ingredients: salt and scent make a great bath soak; oil in sugar makes a great scrub; rosemary and Thyme as fresh herbs can scent the bath
  • Change perspective – sit in different chair, on back of couch, upside down – sketch it
  • Create a new Pandora station with bands that are new to you /different genre than you usually listen to
  • Go outside and use whatever you find to make something, even if it is drawing in the dirt with a stick, or arranging blades of grass on the side walk
  • Browse online art catalogs 
  • Go to museum websites, especially those in other countries 
  • Use Google maps street view to wander the streets of another city, especially one you never considered going to before 
  • Jump on the bed
  • Walk in your backyard barefoot. Go slow and observe all the little things 
  • Google your favorite childhood cartoon. Draw your favorite characters 
  • Learn something from YouTube: belly dancing, singing, spinning etc
  • Create a memory box – put in things that represent you, photos, rocks, an earrings, etc
  • Decorate a corner of your room to be your happy place/ clubhouse /fort
  • Listen to Buddhist chants
  • Watch a movie in a foreign language with no subtitles. Optional: make up what they are saying
  • Marathon watch as many unwatched movies from your Netflix queue as you can 
  • Pick an unwatched movie from your Netflix queue. Watch to the very end. When it’s over, select one of the suggestions Netflix offers. Watch to the very end. Repeat. 
  • Play with your food. Create edible or even inedible art! Explore textures, colors, scents and flavors 

Suggestions from other spoonies:

Collect #quotes that resonate with you on a topic with meaning to you, no telling what’ll be #inspired. @coffeesister

Super-luxe bath, with candles, music, bubbles, and poetry. @NomTweet

Faux-travel. Randomly pick a place on a map. Google accordingly. Find music from there, and visual art, and historical tidbits. @NomTweet

Take  your artist-child self shopping. Budget for a small amount on Amazon prime. Nothing practical allowed. Toys, bubbles, etc. @NomTweet

Make your Spoonie-nest into an actual blanket fort… like, clothespin up some sheets. Read a YA book by flashlight. @NomTweet

Watch an old black-and-white movie. Something you wouldn’t usually watch. Make popcorn. Put on lipstick- it’s a date. @NomTweet

Find a short story that’s a “classic” by an author you’ve never (or hardly) read. Read it out loud, to yourself. @NomTweet

Browse free online at books from the MET. [I don’t read the text, just look at the pictures.]  http://www.metmuseum.org/art/metpublications/titles-with-full-text-online
Spoonie friendly ideas from other websites :

From http://whereverthewindtakesme.com/2013/03/20/99-ideas-to-bring-play-into-your-life-via-the-artist-date/

  • Make an image board of where you would like to go on your next holiday – find a pile of old magazines, tear out any images you like, and stick them on a big piece of paper
  • Buy a colouring book and some pencils, and spend an afternoon colouring in.
  • Go to a restaurant and try a dish or cuisine you haven’t tried before. [or order in] 
  • Anonymous love letters http://lifeislimitless.com/have-i-told-you-lately/
  • Put a key word like ‘inspiration’ or ‘courageous’ into TED  and watch 5 of the videos that come up.
  • Go out and take photos of everything that you see that is red (or blue etc). [or take screen shots of images]   Make a collage on your computer or better still, print the photos out and make a collage in a frame.
  • Make a fort/den out of blankets, cushions, pillows, chairs and tables.  Snuggle into it and read a book and drink hot chocolate or herbal tea.
  • Send 10 postcards even though you’re at home.
  • Make your own ‘scavenger hunt’  – decide on 20 things you need to find and then head out for an afternoon to take photos or bring them home. [or find them online] 

From http://theartistswayblog.wordpress.com/2010/10/17/101-artists-date-ideas/

  • Take a self-portrait everyday for a week.
  • Create a piece of artwork entirely with things from your recycle bin
  • Read poetry aloud… to yourself