After twenty years of struggling health and not feeling well, eventually figuring out all my issues are related to autoimmune disease, I finally have a diagnosis that is a CAUSE rather than just a cluster of symptoms – chronic lyme disease. Finally knowing what my invisible chronic illness is, is a huge relief! But the battle is just beginning. Lyme disease is not easy or fast to cure, especially when someone has been ill as long as I have. The only thing I can do, is be strict about what ingredients I am choosing for my life: foods, sleep, activities, medications, etc. What has helped me the most so far: strict elimination diets to figure out what foods I am overreacting to, getting on sleeping medication to get a deeper more restful sleep, and getting on medication for my thyroid and adrenals. I am finally about to start killing the lyme, and need to find ways to boost my detoxing so that I can handle the die off. I am turning off comments, because I just don’t have the energy to make sure that everything stays nice and polite. This is more like you getting to peek into my journal. My super rambling stream of consciousness journal – the lyme and chronic fatigue give me lots of brain fog and cognitive difficulties. I hope makes some kind of sense and that it is useful in some way.


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