February #SpoonieMonthlyChallenge 

Each month, I post a question a day on a spoonie related topic for the first days of the month. The theme for February is self care! Many spoonies have been talking about how they wish they were better at self care, and we certainly need extra self care at this time. 

Each day I’ll add the daily #SpoonieMonthlyChallenge  question here. 

#SpoonieMonthlyChallenge Day 1. What are some things you do for self care?

Background is two tone ombre going from green to yellow. Text is #SpoonieMonthlyChallenge Day 2. Two things I'd like to start doing for self care are...

Image is an overcast day at the beach, calm grey water, and the back of a woman in a long brown sweater looking out to sea. Text is #SpoonieMonthlyChallenge Day 3 is there an unhealthy strategy you want to let go of

Image is blurry lights going from orange, yellow, green, white, blue, purple and red. Text is #SpoonieMonthlyChallenge Day 4. When you think about self care what color comes to mind? How can you incorporate more of that color in your life?

Image is blue water with ripples across the surface. Text is #SpoonieMonthlyChallenge Day 5. What helps you stay hydrated?


Spoonie Online Events Calendar

There are now so many online events for spoonies, it’s hard to keep track of them all! I created a calendar to view them (also accessible from the tabs at the top of the page in most views). Let me know if I missed any!



As soon as twitter came out, I got an account. And then promptly never logged on again. I’m a techie girl, and I love the latest and greatest in the world of technology, but twitter made me feel like I had a serious ADD problem. All these tiny quick bits of info zooming by!

But recently, in my quest to connect with others of the gluten free world, I decided to log on again and see. Continue reading