Why Can’t I Get Better – questionnaire screening tool to see if it might be likely that you have lyme or other systemic infection – desktop version which adds it up for you – pdf version

To find a doctor in your area that will probably understand and not just shrug you off – do a google search for “functional medicine” and for “integrated medicine” plus your location.

Top 10 Things Commonly Missed When Treating Lyme (i.e. Why Am I Not Getting Better?) – article

Self lymph massage – good for the immune system and detoxing – youtube videos

Yoga is one of the few things proven to help with chronic fatigue – article

Gaiam TV is a great way to do yoga at home (if you sign up via this link, you will help me get a free month!). I strongly recommend Rodney Yee’s beginner series.

Websites for caregivers – lots of links

Hashtags I like on twitter:

  • #spoonie (from the internet famous spoon theory that does an absolutely amazing job of what it is like to live with sickness or disability)
  • #spoonieproblems (funny in a wry way, and a great way to see your struggles are not alone)
  • #chroniclife (ditto)
  • #spooniechat (a chat on twitter on Wednesdays at 5pm (Pacific Standard Time). It is a great way to talk with others who struggle with chronic illnesses of all types. I find it very encouraging. You can just read other people’s responses, or chime in if you want to. A very accepting and positive group of people. It makes me feel accepted, understood, and like I am not crazy!)
  • #spooniespeak (ditto but but on Fridays at 11am (Pacific Standard Time), which works better for for some people)
  • #lyme
  • #lymedisease
  • #lymediseasechallenge
  • #chronicillness
  • #invisibledisability
  • #spoonies (more informal and directed directly as sister/fellow spoonies)
  • #lymies (ditto but for those of us with lyme)