Restful activities

Things to encourage rest

Movie marathons – choose movie series or themes.

Plan and organize – my med routine is constantly changing, and I forget to take them our drink water. Make checklists.

Listen to audiobooks – they are free and downloadable from the library

Listen to podcasts – they are free and on every subject from comedy to astrophysics. Star Talk is one of my favorites

Journal or blog

Read other people’s blogs – especially on chronic fatigue and Lyme

Get cute and cozy pjs

Get coloring books and nice pencils/ pens – there are really nice fancy ones for adults, ones that are like stained glass, etc

Take a bath – with epsom salts, lavender, music or audiobook, and nice lotion for afters. Not too hot or it might trigger a herxheimer reaction.

Cruise pinterest – every subject imaginable. Sometimes I use it to dream of what I will do when I feel better

Sit outdoors, in a comfortable spot with a pretty view.

Bird watching – set up feeders near a window

Games on my phone – I especially like puzzle games

To try:

When I have a bit more brain power:

Learn to knit or crochet

Read – the library has free downloadable books